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Why we chose luxury vinyl tile


Here’s why we chose luxury vinyl tile:

It’s durable

With a toddler who loves to drag his wood stool on our floors, and a 1 year old who literally tries to carve holes into the floor with forks while I’m making dinner…we needed durable flooring! 

We haven’t had any issues with scratches or dents in our luxury vinyl tile – and even if we got some, it’s engineered to look authentically old so it would just add to the look.

It looks great

Once people get into our kitchen, they often ask us about our flooring.  It’s unique and works so well with our farmhouse decor.  People have actually asked if they’re original to the house!

I love the rustic wood look – and the color is perfect.  It would honestly fit seamlessly with many different kinds of decor – it works well in our farmhouse kitchen, but it wouldn’t just have to stay with that design style.

It stand up to spills and moisture

There’s definitely no shortage of spills in our kitchen with two little kids!  That was one of the major selling points for us when we bought our flooring.  It’s so much better for these high-trafficked and high-spill areas of our house than our hardwood floors.

Luxury vinyl tile is a really good option for bathrooms too – it stands up to moisture really well and cleans up nicely.  As mentioned above – we’re choosing it again when we remodel our bathroom upstairs for that very reason!

It’s going to last us a long time 

We’ve had our flooring for a few years without signs of wear or damage, but it’s so important to choose a flooring company that will stand behind their products.

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